Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guest Post - Julie Anne Lindsey Muses About Twitter

The Angel-Faced Julie Anne Lindsey,

It wasn’t long ago I realized I needed a REAL web presence. I was at my computer all day, silently stalking my favorite agent blogs hoping to glean the information I needed, but I wasn’t moving forward. I was writing manuscript after manuscript and getting nowhere. Was it the topic they rejected? Was the query too pathetic? Was it the writing??? Looking back, it was sad.

Then, I discovered Twitter.

Twitter, while intimidating at first tweet, is a brilliant hodgepodge of amazingness. I am now on a one woman quest to promote and encourage the use of twitter throughout the writing community! In case you don’t tweet, let me tell you why you should.

First, you chose who to follow. That means those people’s comments will appear on your screen when you log in. I started by following a favorite agent of mine, then I followed who she was following. That made sense right? If they interest her, then I need to know them too. I followed writers, publishers, agents, everyone in the industry I could find, and now I am enjoying it every day.

I log in to twitter to promote my blog, or talk about my writing hits and misses, and people respond! Using the #amwriting hashtag connects me with everyone else who’s writing and I’m not alone anymore. I frequently respond or comment on things agents or editors say and I’m making a little place for myself.

Twitter allows me to find writing contests, hot blog topics, and hear what agents and editor are saying about the industry. No more trolling the internet for hours. I have one stop shopping on twitter. I can network, get the scoop, and make friends who know the challenges I’m up against. I’ve found beta readers, guest bloggers and won my share of free books all thanks to the twitterverse.

I love the camaraderie. I can’t meet enough aspiring writers. We’re made up of the same stuff. I also love that agents will begin to recognize my name. I can’t imagine how tedious query reading can become, but I can imagine sifting restlessly through hundreds of emails and losing focus. Then, I picture myself preparing to pass on a query until I see a familiar name. I’m hoping that building a recognizable name will get my query one more read, through fresh eyes. After all, it only takes one yes, right?

So, if you’re still reading this, I hope it means you already have a twitter account. If not, please stop over, check it out and consider joining twitter. I’ve met my closest of writer friends that way (and two of them don’t even live on this continent). I joined a critique group and I have a sounding board. Twitter is a fabulous tool for every aspiring writer and every author looking to build a platform of readers.

You can find me @JulieALindsey and follow those I’m following to help you get started, or wing it, but definitely look me up!


Julie Anne Lindsey is a Midwestern wife, a homeschooling mother of three, and an all around caffeine addict. She’s also an unpublished author, blogging her journey to publication at Musings from the Slush Pile, where she shares writing tips, author interviews, personal experience, and opening chapters from her works.


Margaret Duarte said...

Hi Julie. I have a twitter account via my computer, but only know how to post from my blog to it (actually, it's automatic), but I don't know how to use it in any other way. Maybe someday I'll figure it out.

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

Margaret! Wow. That's sad :( You're half way there! Everyone can see you but it doesn't sound like you get to see us or interact. Hmm. Let me look you up and see if I can be more useful!

Patricia Lynne said...

twitter is nice and sometimes I really wished I had the motivation to do more with it. Maybe now that it's 2011 I should try harder...

Anonymous said...

I've been on Twitter for a year and a half and I'm amazed at the connections I've made with bloggers, writers, and people in publishing. At first I thought it was a silly fad, but then I became a daily tweeter. I'm so glad I joined.