Sunday, April 19, 2015

Symon Francis - Godspeed!

My wonderful, "chocolate sable" Cocker Spaniel, Symon Francis, was lovingly helped to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, April 17, 2015. He was 15 years old (that's 105 in human years, folks!)

I first met Symon at a party at his previous family's home.  When circumstances changed, they asked if I would be interested in adopting him.  I told them I would take Symon for a weekend, to see how he got along with my five rescue cats:  Daphne, Sparkles, Buddy, Angel and Evie.  All creatures, great and small, got along amazing well; my kids and I fell in love with Symon, and he seemed to love us too! 

Symon figures prominently in WIND.  He is the Flood family pet, and particularly loves Dante, the DDG (drop dead gorgeous) stranger who mysteriously enters eighteen-year-old Flynn Flood's life, and changes it forever. Symon will return along with Flynn, and Flynn's sixteen-year-old sister, Kevan, in the second installment, SAND.

Symie didn't suffer at all, and my wonderful son, Matthew, and I hugged him and told him we loved him until the end (he even raised his head and, incredibly, took a bite of a treat, right before he passed!!).

Godspeed, Symie, until you see me again, break from the pack, and side-by-side, we cross over together!