I did not know exactly when the war between Dante and Lix began, but, like it or not, Kevan and I were their prisoners. - WIND

Eighteen-year-old Flynn Flood is a Boston college student whose world falls apart when her beloved father dies of the "Irish Cancer"— alcoholism—and her once-vibrant mother, descends into a paralyzing depression. After a seemingly accidental encounter, help arrives in the form of earthy-looking Dante, an international student from Italy. Dante seems perfect, but when Flynn finds herself descending into a rabbit hole of frightening, inexplicable mystical occurrences, she quickly deduces that Dante is no ordinary boyfriend.

In the meantime, Flynn's sixteen-year-old sister, Kevan, suddenly sheds her sweet, little girl chrysalis, and becomes a dark, brooding butterfly, transforming from Hanna Montana to Marilyn Manson, (with an attitude to match). Flynn soon finds that being a "mom" isn't as easy as it looks.

But, when Kevan falls for Dante's eternal adversary, Flynn will have to start making choices that weigh her newly found love for the heavenly Dante against her loyalty to her kid sister. Together, Flynn and Dante must ensure that Kevan's first love is not her last!

A coming-of-age tale with humor, and unexpected violence, WIND explores the complex bonds of sisterhood, romantic longing, and the possibility of the existence of a divine, unseen world all around us.

WIND, the first book in THE ETERNAL SYMMETRY SAGA, advanced to the second round in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.