Sunday, January 9, 2011

Personal Encounters with Angels

Ever since I completed my Young Adult Paranormal Romance, WIND, I’ve been asked by many people, “Have you had encounters with angels?” This question always gets me thinking about what I believe are my personal encounters with those spiritual messengers.

As far back as I can remember, whenever I’ve been in a tight spot, a stranger would appear, seemingly out of the blue (so to speak), and assist me in my time of need. Then, just as quickly, they’d leave; vanish from my sight.

I recall the time when my car was stuck in my extensive, uphill driveway during a blizzard. My son—a baby at the time—was in his car seat in the back; my husband was not yet home from work. After several futile attempts at gunning my way up the drive, I realized the more I tried, the deeper the tires spun and dug into the overwhelming amount of packing snow already accumulated on the drive. I gave up. Yet, I was terrified the car would start to slide down the drive, and into the street. I took my small son out of the car, and we stood silently in the snow. I said a short prayer. Then, suddenly, a young man appeared out of the eddy of swirling snow. He walked toward me, and asked me if I needed any help. I hesitated, and then asked him if he could possibly get the car to the top of the drive. He smiled, jumped in the car without hesitation, and immediately drove it straight up the slippery slope to the top. He turned off the engine, leaped out of the car, and, still smiling, gently placed keys in my hand. Relieved, I began to thank him profusely, but he just kept walking, until he finally disappeared into the swirling flurry of white. How do I know he was an angel? There was something about him—a divine aura—that told me he wasn’t any ordinary good Samaritan.

Many years ago, I had locked my keys in my car (just like my main character, Mary-Flynn Flood does in WIND). After several futile attempts at trying to unhook the door lock with the end of a hanger, a man tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around, and he asked if he could give it a try. I immediately handed him the untwined hanger. He leaned into the cracked window, jiggled the extended wire hanger, and unlocked the door at once. I was stunned. I opened the car door, and then turned to thank him. Of course, he was gone.

I have experienced many more incidents such as these; too many to recount here. You may wonder, what did these heavenly helpers look like? Unlike many angel encounters I have read about, they weren’t especially tall, nor were they blond, with icy blue eyes. Both of these strangers looked like “regular” guys, dressed in an unexceptional fashion. They both appeared unexpectedly, quietly assisted, then disappeared, without warning.

Have you ever had an encounter with an angel?


Robyn Lee said...

YES I have! : ) Back when I was 18, my Mom had just passed away and I found myself driving across country heading back to New Hampshire from California driving her car. My Dad had passed away 3 years earlier, and I don't have much of an extended family. Well, I had made it all the way to Conneticut when I ran out of money, and gas. I was desperate & exhausted. I was at a gas station in the dead of night, and I was able to get ahold of my best friend on the payphone (no cell phone for me back in 1997). Her Mom was trying to convince the clerk to let her buy me gas with her credit card... She said No. I was back on the pay phone, outside crying when this elderly man came up to me asking if I needed help. I said yes, and he handed me some money. I thanked him profusely and asked him if I could please have his address or something so I could pay him back. He just smiled and told me to "pass it on". I turned around, and when I looked back to smile and thank him again, he was gone.

I will ALWAYS consider this my first meeting with an angel. : )

Cynthia Watson said...

This is an amazing story, Robyn! Sound like an angel to me.

Thank you for sharing.