Monday, February 20, 2012

"Family Day" in Ontario, Canada

"Family Day" is a provincial holiday in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, Canada on the third Monday in February. In the province of Manitoba, it's a general holiday, known as "Louis Riel Day." Whatever you call it, Family Day is a welcome respite between the Christmas/New Year holiday and Good Friday/Easter, in a month where it seems the winter will never end (although this has been a relatively mild winter!).

The idea of Family Day is to celebrate the importance of your family; to take part in activities that promote family life and togetherness. Some families go skating, tobogganing, skiing, or other outdoor pursuits, while many visit the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Ontario Science Centre, or the awesome Metro Toronto Zoo.

However, in my family, it's usually a day of sleeping late, enjoying a long, leisurely brunch, and then everyone scattering to the four winds to do our own things such as walking the dogs, watching movies, baking, reading (of course!), and catching up on some much needed sleep.

Whatever you like to do, have a great Family Day!

What are you doing on Family Day 2012?


Christina Farley said...

What a great holiday! In Korea they have Children's Day and we always joined in the traditions.

Cynthia Watson said...

Yes, it's a nice break in the depths of the winter (can't wait until it's over!).

Thanks for commenting, Christina.