Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's Your Writing Background Noise?

I was just surfing through the TV channels, and had to laugh; I saw "The Cottage Channel". You see, I wrote my novel, WIND, with this program quietly splashing in the background.

The Cottage Channel is the cousin of other weird programs like, "The Fireplace Channel," "The Aquarium Channel," and "The Sunset Channel." These simulations are, without question, bizzare, but somehow comforting when you can't get near the real thing. I love water, and grew up with a cottage on a lake, and found the sound of water lapping, and the haunting calls of loons conducive to long stretches of creative writing. The funny part is that every so often, one of my kids would stroll into the room and ask, "Do I hear loons? What are you watching, Mom?"

I'm "channeling" my fake cottage again, while writing my second book, SAND (which does take place at a cottage!).

Have you seen these simulation channels?
What's your writing background noise?


Anonymous said...

I don't have those channels. They sound interesting.

I have the TV on low (movie or music) when I'm writing.

Patti Larsen said...

LOL! I find the fireplace channel outrageously funny and don't know why... and don't forget this time of year the Christmas tree channel... makes me giggle.

BUT that being said, soothing sounds are soothing sounds and if it inspires you, all the power!

My soundtrack is the occasional purr from one of my cats (usually preceeds a break!) and the snap crackle from the woodstove (at least right now!) I find if I'm in a rut (which rarely happens fortunately) I can listen and sing and still write, but usually I like quiet (I even have a 'Working' sign on my monitor so no one will bother me)

Thanks for following my blog! I'm enjoying yours... all the way from PEI :)