Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are You "A Scarlett" or "A Melanie?"

I'm re-reading one of my all-time favorite books, Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell's writing is so enchanting, and the historical details of plantation life, and the Civil War are rich and fascinating. But, what always amazes me is the life-long dynamics between Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler and Melanie Hamilton Wilkes. These two Southern belles are polar opposites, yet in spite of these differences, or maybe because of them, eventually they become more than sisters-in-law; they become best friends (even if Scarlett doesn't realize it until it's too late!).

Miss Scarlett is spoiled, scheming, unabashedly self-centered, willful, vain, and obstinate. However, she's also vivacious, intelligent, shrewd, strong-willed, brave, and most importantly, a survivor; the original "Steel Magnolia."

Melanie is the antithesis of Scarlett in many ways - she's quiet, shy, sweet, modest, patient, unassuming, thoughtful, well-read, beyond kind, and forgiving.

When I was younger, I was definately more of "A Scarlett;" determined to get my own way at any cost, and God help anyone who got in my way (hey, I'm a redhead!). Now, as I'm getting older, I'm becoming more of a "Melanie"; a little kinder, and gentler (I think they call it "mellowing").

So, all these thoughts have inspired me to beg the question:

Are you "A Scarlett," or "A Melanie?"


Jillian said...

I'm a Melanie. But also a Scarlett. What's perfect about the two characters is that they represent either side of a female, in a way. Margaret Mitchell was most certainly a Melanie, a Scarlett, and a Rhett. Notice how Margaret, Rhett, and Scarlett rhyme?

Cynthia Watson said...

Never thought about the rhyming - nice comment!

Thank you Jillian!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a bit of both. I'm sweet, but stubborn and persistent.

Happy holidays!