Monday, January 23, 2012

A Stephen King Christmas

Over the holidays, I devoured two yummy  Stephen King novels (along with a lot of high calorie Christmas food!).  There's something folksy, and comforting about Mr. King's writing style that I love, and his books are perfect to curl up with on a cold, snowy evening.

The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition   
I found this dark tale about a small group of survivors of a post-pandemic society almost impossible to put down.  It has everything a great novel should have - a cast of believable characters; an exciting and detailed plot; a hauntingly rugged setting; sumptuous world-building, and a good versus evil theme.  At 1,152 pages, it's Mr. King's longest book, and arguably his best!

Bag of Bones
After watching the miniseries on TV (filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada, by the way), I had to read the novel. What particularly fascinated me about this book was that the narrator (a fictional Stephen King, I suspect) is a writer suffering from a severe case of 'writer's block' and cannot seem to get moving on his next book (sound familiar?).  I enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the plot (don't want to give anything away), but what I really loved was the setting, a beautifully rustic lake house, complete with a genial cleaning lady (gotta get one of those!).  Bag of Bones is perhaps Mr. King's most sentimental book, and I loved the references to Daphne Du Maurier's, Rebecca, my favorite book!

Which is your favorite Stephen King novel?

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