Monday, August 1, 2011

The Most Beautiful Blog!

"French Sampler" is the most beautiful blog I've ever seen!  I came upon it accidentally, while searching for photos of Lily of the Valley (my fav flower).  As I began to look around the blog, I was stunned by the gorgeous photos, appealing writing, and overall beauty.
Blogger, "Dash," is an English woman, living in South West France with her half English, half French lover (how cool is that?) and their smooth haired Fox Terrier, Crusoe (the adorable pooch is in some of her photos).
The posts range from stunning photos taken while showing friends around the French countryside, to purchasing leopard print shoes, to Dash's favourite books, food and clothes (my three favourite things!). 
Also, there are lovely little side-bar photos, illustrations, and paintings (I love, "Woods In The Mist") - every picture is just to drool over!

If you are a lover of all things French (like me), or if you just need a well-earned injection of culture, check out this beautiful blog!
French Sampler - Sampling A Rainbow of Life:


Dash said...

Cynthia, thank you so much for your lovely words, it's good to know you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Cynthia Watson said...

Thanks for commenting, Dash!

So glad you don't mind my sharing your blog with everyone.