Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

I'm so thrilled, my Young Adult Paranormal Novel, WIND, has moved to the second round of the fabulous Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest!

The contest started with 10,000 entrants, then it was broken down to 2,000 entrants; 1,000 General Fiction and 1,000 Young Adult Fiction (of which I am one!).  The next round of 500 quarter finalists will be announced on March 22, 2011.

Even if WIND doesn't make it any further, I totally honored to have made it this far!


Justin Ryan Schwan said...

Congratulations, Cynthia. Good luck getting to the round of 500!

Austin James said...

Wow... such cool news... out of 10,000 entries... that's got to be a good feeling.

Congrats, and good luck with the next round.

Cynthia Watson said...

Thanks Austin & Justin! So nice of you two guys to comment!

Medeia Sharif said...

Congrats and good luck!