Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Patches - A Sweet Curmudgeon

Patches is the hyper-active feline featured in WIND.  He was given to me by a coworker about five years ago.  I adopted him thinking he would be a good replacement for Samantha, who had just passed away (the cat I inherited from my father).  You see, my son, Matthew, had grown very attached to Samantha, and was heart broken when she died.  As it turned out, Patches took to me in a big way and inched his way into my heart.  (Another cat, Sparkles, became Matthew's good friend).  Patches is a sweet curmudgeon.  He cries on the counter when he's hungry and his cry sounds like a baby bird begging for a worm.  This prompted one young visitor to the house to ask, "Do you have a bird in here somewhere?"  He's extremely bossy and chases the other cats every chance he gets, but like most bullies, he's a coward at heart - he runs for his life and hides in a kitchen cupboard when Lucky, the Dachshund, chases him (Lucky is referenced to in WIND and will make an appearance in SAND.)  Nonetheless, he's a dear and we all love him.

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